The B!tch is Back

So… the election.

If you know me, know my projects and music, or have read anything I’ve ever written, you probably know that I am a compassionate, sensitive, new-age guy. So it is no surprise that I am not a big fan of Annoying Orange.

Sure you think this is a dated reference, but ride with me here. I’m being intentionally facetious. (Should I have said “spoiler alert?”)

Her, it was cute when Annoying Orange had short little YouTube videos. Micro-bits of stupidity and juvenile ejaculation that really made the grade school kids chuckle. It was just the right level of small-brained, dimwitted humor that makes an almost-formed mind of limited intellectual capability laugh for a moment.

Then the Annoying Orange went mainstream. A full show on actual television! What a mistake. We learned pretty quickly that 20+ minutes at a time of barely scripted nonsense with no real sense of cohesion – hell, completely lacking a plan when you come right down to it – was an embarrassingly ill-conceived cock up.

So yeah. Now we have a president elect who clearly can’t follow the instructions on a can of spray-tan. Sure, fodder for countless sitcom scripts, but is this the guy we want with his finger on the button?

Okay, I jumped from Annoying Orange to Captain Dump pretty abruptly, but I figure the average attention span is declining fast these days. Can’t milk it like I used to.

Hell, I probably lost you at “facetious.”

Nov 11, 2016 | Posted by in Life, PS Blog | 0 comments
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