Calamity, NY

New project in the works, my friends! If you liked the style of Skateboard Heroes and ever thought a sort of Skateboard Heroes/Walking Dead mashup would have real promise, Calamity, NY is for you!

I’ve started uploading pages from the first issue and will try to get at least a page a week published going forward. Sometimes it takes a while to arrange photo shoots to generate the art, so please be patient.

And hey, if you have any interest in being an infected antagonist in the book (they’re not zombies!) we may be holding a casting call in the near future. You, too, could be a diseased and dying victim of chemical warfare coupled with crippling radiation.

In a fictional, comic book world of course.

I hope.

Good luck.

Be well.


Nov 11, 2016 | Posted by in PS Blog, Words | 0 comments
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